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DNF Security Unified Scale out Storage Solution USO 1600

DNF Security a business wing of Dynamic Network factory has come up with a Unified scale out storage solution, which offers iSCSI and NAS connections for highly scalable recording performance required for high IP camera count projects. This consolidated solution acts as a video recorder and a storage which is easily manageable and accessible. DNF is always producing innovative storage solutions to the global surveillance market and its new addition is said to be packed with the best solution, which will address to the surveillance requirements growing by 700 percent in the next 5 years.

DNF Security USO offers full featured NAS and IP SAN solution which is easy to manage appliance. So for those who are looking out for a unified solution to handle their surveillance related videos can go for this one scalable solution, which offers consolidated services related to surveillance and operation and production systems.

DNF Security Unified Scale out Storage is available in two variants USO 1600 and USO 2400. In this article, let us discuss about USO 1600 model of the video storage solution.

DNF Security USO 1600 is a video storage and recording system which is based on dual quad core Xenon 64 bit processors. Quad Core processor offers increase in performance and capacity levels and can run parallel jobs, which can achieve higher throughputs. That is data can be processed and delivered to all terminals in a network. This facilitates high level processing of video monitoring and will be an apt solution, to support all high end IP cameras prevailing in the market.
DNF Security Surveillance solutions.

Going through the storage capacity feature of this storage, USO 1600 has an 8TB storage volume, which is scalable up to 264TB. So, for all those enterprises, which need a video storage, which can be expanded as per their future needs DNF security offers USO 1600 as an apt solution.

Going through its cache memory, DNF Security USO 1600 is available with the 24GB cache which can be expanded to 48GB. This ensures that high IO rates are achieved by this system and is ideal for faster retrieving of video for reviewing.

This storage supports Raid Level 0, 1,5,6,10,50 type of technology which offers redundancy & fail over (depends on the level of RAID selected), which ensures data continuity in the event of system failures.

DNF Security USO 1600 has a 3 unit rack mount form factor with the dimensions of 5.2 inches height, 17.2 inches depth and 25.5 inches width. The gross weight of this storage system is 44.9 kilograms which amounts to 99lbs when full populated.

Going through the power supply, USO 1600 is loaded with a dual 1200watts of redundant power supply which are hot swappable.
For further details please visit and calculate through our IP Storage Calculator

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StoneFly Unified Storage and Server Appliance

Stonefly INC, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, is a pioneer in offering IP SAN products in storage networking field. In order to offer a federated environment of storage and server appliance, Stonefly Offers USS appliance. StoneFly USS is an ideal solution which will consolidate all server and storage systems as a manageable appliance, which has innovation. With a virtualized operating system, this solution provides complete hardware utilization, which will eliminate the need of an additional storage or server and thus will reduce power and cooling costs.

StoneFly USS is offered as an iSCSI based storage provisioning appliance and it supports a multiple gigabit iSCSI port teaming which offers failover and load balancing techniques. There is a feature of comprehensive IP SAN volume performance reporting and statistics in this appliance. USS appliance of StoneFly offers MPIO & jumbo frame support.

StoneFusion Operating system is the base for intelligent IP SANS offered by StoneFly, as it offers block level storage intelligence to the IP network core and offers all the benefits offered by the Storage Area Networks. With the help of this operating system, increase in the storage utilization is observed, which can be achieved by resource consolidation.

The StoneFusion operating system offers use of multiple virtualization processing cores with separate DATA packet and command queuing cache. In order to ease things for simplified work functions, there is a web based intuitive user interface, which facilitates configuration of the appliance via internet.

StoneFly Unified Storage and Server appliance offers copy on write snapshot features with R/W functions, scheduling, rollback and VSS agents work functions which fully support Exchange, SharePoint and SQL backup SW. Synchronous mirroring helps in backing up of data, which will be helpful during the time of disaster recovery.
Stonefly offers a wide variety of Unified Products

StoneFly Unified Storage and Server Series standard edition will have the following operating system options. That is the choice lies with the user as they can have a Windows 7 platform VM (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows 2008/R2 Server Virtual Machine, Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Virtual Machine, N Block NAS Virtual Machine or Linux VM.

Continuous Data Protection will be available on this platform as the appliance is offered with Asynchronous replication and Mirroring feature which will offer delta transfers and schedules. Volume based encryption ensures that the data is full protected from all kinds of online intrusions and is also accessible in a secured way. Thin provisioning feature in this storage appliance offers space reclamation, as it provides on-demand allocation of blocks of data, which is not possible in the traditional method of allocation of blocks up front. This helps in reducing of white space on the disks and so will avoid poor utilization rates and thus will lower the operational costs.

The cloud and achiever editions of DNF StoneFly are standard plus archiver server VM and Standard plus Cloud server VM.
Further details about Unified Products can be found at ISCSI

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StoneFly Quad Unified Storage and Server Appliance

StoneFly a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is the innovator of the powerful and cost effective IP storage products. This Californian based company is into storage networking business from the past one decade and more and provides complete data storage solutions for educational and government departments, mid tier workgroups and enterprise based organizations. Impressed by its services and solutions it has achieved immense recognition and appreciation from storage magazines like CRN and is carrying on its business by releasing innovative products as per the needs of its privileged consumers.
In order to have a storage solution, which also serves as a Server Solution, StoneFly offers QUSS which is a Quad unified storage and server appliance. This appliance is a fully redundant and highly available appliance which facilitates complete hardware utilization through its virtualized operating system.
StoneFly highlights are that it comes with an IP SAN cluster, where an additional virtual storage or server can be created as per the need of the organization. In order to know more about this innovative product, let us go through its features.
StoneFly Unified QUSS Appliance is an iSCSI based storage provisioning appliance which offers the data access via iSCSI protocol. This whole appliance can work on a dual engine or a quad engine Active/ Active based IP SAN and is high available with its multi-node cluster. This storage solution is scalable up to 120 drives as its model QUSS12 features 120 drives. The other model Stonefly QUSS16 has 160 drives scalability option and has both the models are support RAID options 0, 1,5,6,10,50 and 60. There is a redundant battery back up for RAID cache protection and there is also a Redundant Load balancing power supply, which ensures that the whole storage appliance is protected from all type of power failures.
StoneFusion offers virtualization of physical storage resources into virtual volumes and presents advanced storage functions to the virtual network layer. Moreover, it offers all the benefits of block level storage like storage provisioning, volume management, replication, encryption, snapshot technology, mirroring, Active/Active clustering and thin provisioning features.
Tiered storage options from SAS, SATA and SSD pools are available on this platform, which simplifies the storage options and makes the data management simplified. So, the enterprise can store their hot data on SSD flash and the cold data on other storage media, depending upon the importance of the data.
Continuous data protection is also available on this platform with Asynchronous replication and mirroring features with delta transfer and schedules. Going with the software options, the user can create a second IP SAN cluster to create a quad engine active/active IP SAN. There is a windows server or windows storage server 2008 R2 OS which is a 64Bit enterprise cluster. Two windows server or windows storage server 2008 R2 64 bit standard editions are available on this platform along with two Linux servers OS. For those who need an archiver edition & cloud edition, Stonefly QUSS offers a standard plus archiver server VM and standard plus cloud server VM to them.
ISCSI technology is proudly presented by Stonefly.

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StoneFly Storage and Server Virtualization Solutions

StoneFly, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network factory, offers storage virtualization and server virtualization related solutions, for companies which are looking out for increase in the efficiency and management of their data center or IT infrastructure.

StoneFly solutions are easy to use, redundant, high performance oriented and are pioneered with iSCSI and IP SAN technology. StoneFly offers an intelligent storage which has been centralized into Storage Area Network. It offers advanced services of storage which facilitate high utilization of the available storage space and also eliminates the underutilized disk resources, making it perfect for future aspects.

DNF backed StoneFly IP SAN products support VMware virtualization platform and so are certified to be used with built in software. This includes iSCSI initiator for ESX server and the vSphere platform.

Dynamic network factory backed StoneFly offers support to its Citrix XenServer Platform through its IP SAN products. At the same time it offers compatibility to open source Hypervisor, which is XenServer version 3.5 and above.

DNF StoneFly offers data continuity solutions with help of SCVM certified of hosting partners through a wide variety of features. This includes Simplified disaster recovery solution, where the valuable data is offered from remote location, if in case the on-site access to data is lost. This facilitates quick redirection of application services and restoration of local data access.

If the organizations do not have off-site data archiving, then the hybrid cloud is the best solution as it is affordable and scalable and offers quick DR solution. Without the need of technical constraints of system expansion, one can expand the storage requirements and also gain much of the computing resources without much of operational costs.

StoneFly SCVM certified partners offer an alternative of obtaining and deploying offsite data storage systems without the need of technical complexity and capital expense. This offers the IT managers to focus on other work functions of the organizations, rather than worrying about the data protection.

StoneFly applications can increase efficiency, availability, flexibility and simplicity for IP SAN products which is made possible by virtualization technology. With the help of iSCSI technology, leveraging of the network is possible which allows consolidation of storage and also the servers.

The applications for iSCSI are Storage consolidation, virtual servers and DR application along with Disk to disk backup where Acceleration of restoration time is possible, while reducing the backup time. The D2D application also facilitates the automation of the backup process for simple data backup and recovery.

When the requirement for hundred of servers arises in the office environment, there is a high cost associated with it. If there is presence of high density blade servers, the business enterprises can go with the maximum benefits of data center resources and will automatically lessen infrastructure management and the costs associated with it. This is achieved with the help of simplification of cabling, reduction in power consumption and elimination of time in the administration of the IT manager.

With the deployment of Blade Servers which support IP SAN storage, server and storage centralization is achieved. Moreover, features such as load balancing, provisioning, failover capabilities are carried by a blade server, where all of the functionalities serve to reduce downtime.

StoneFly also supports application of email archiving where growing email volumes become a matter of concern for an enterprise as it becomes a tedious job to archive the emails and to manage them. DNF StoneFly helps in easing the iSCSI SANs with its email archiving feature can help in streamlining storage management and will make the recovery and access of data simple. With the support of advanced storage services such as snapshots and synchronous mirroring, the data recovery and performance becomes simple.

For all those companies which are looking out for a robust data protection and seamless DR solution, StoneFly offers them its 365Vault solution. This is an ideal network backup software and can be used by ROBOs and Small and medium businesses. With the help of 365Vault users can backup the distributed data which is available on notebooks, servers and desktops. And the backup will be made available to onsite or offsite data storage.

365Vault offers first seed backup which has to be made onsite and then the rest of the backups, when changes are made to files and folders, can be made through an online backup.
Feel free to access our Storage Calculator

DNF Security is a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video Security Surveillance solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of video surveillance solutions including intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, viewing workstations, and scalable Storage Calculator.

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DNF Security Lifeline TamperGuard

DNF Security Lifeline TamperGuard is an exclusive feature, which auto detects any changes, which are unauthorized and undesired and alerts the administrator, that there is a configuration fault in the Falcon Hardware appliances. It keeps on monitoring the appliances and notifies the IT admin about a configuration change, which have been made along with a detailed report of the change status, its time of implementation along with the user identification. Moreover, this configuration change monitoring manager, will also compare the system configurations with the industry best practices and will highlight the difference in areas that need to be investigated.

The Lifeline TamperGuard features include-

• Improper configuration or change detection and immediate alert, which can avoid any kind of deterioration of problems.

• Lifeline TamperGuard helps in maintaining a trusted state of falcon system and also acts as a business continuity solution.

• It helps in eliminating unplanned downtime and so saves the enterprise from incurring losses.

• There will be a lowering in Mean Time to Repair costs and TCO as well.

• Lifeline TamperGuard is offered as a compliance with regulatory requirements or industry best practices such as PCI, NERC, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, Basel II, Bill 198, FDCC, FFIEC, GCSx, GLBA, MA 201CMR17.00, MiFiD, NIST, JSOX, ISO 27001, DISA, CIS.

To calculate storage requirements, use DNF Security’s IP Storage Calculator

DNF Security is a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video Security Surveillance solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of video surveillance solutions including intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, viewing workstations, and scalable IP Storage Calculator.

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